Pole Sports & Arts World Federation

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Welcome to POSA pole sport & Arts Association

With sports recognition as its goal, the POSA was created to unite, regulate, organize, lead, and develop the practice and competition of pole sport and pole art around the world. As an international federation, POSA supports, represents, and defends all affiliated country federations. All affiliated competitions are standardized in athlete expectations and judging methods.

To register on our website and receive a certificate for validation in the Pole Sport & Arts Association federation, a deposit is required. Please deposit 100 EUR to the following bank account:

Bank Account Information:

Account Number:

After depositing, please provide your personal information along with the payment tracking code. Once we receive your information, you will be registered on our website. Our team will then contact you to create your certificate page and verify your information. After verification, we will provide you with a tracking code and a QR code for access to your certificate page, which will be recognized by all official authorities. Thank you for choosing https://posacv.com/ as your go-to platform for pole sports and arts.